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Why Raw?


1. Reduce Allergies
Grains are a leading source of allergies in dogs yet are a major ingredient in many processed dog foods. By switching to a species-specific raw diet, many families find the allergies once suffered by their pets are minimizedor eliminated.

2. A Natural Toothbrush

Good dental health means a lot more than shiny teeth—it means healthy gums and better breath. A raw diet without the fillers of processed foods cleans teeth, helping to prevent periodontal disease and bad breath caused by plaque and tartar build up. Avoid
kisses no more!

3. Physical and Mental Activity
Give them a mental and physical workout
with the challenge of ripping and chewing raw meaty bones. These natural actions develop and strengthen your dog’s jaw, neck and shoulder muscles–benefits processed kibble or wet dog foods can’t offer.

4. Healthy skin and coat

The outside reflects the inside! Fulfilling your dog’s dietary needs with a raw diet means a lustrous coat and healthy skin with less shedding. No need to add oils, just let our whole-animal raw do what it’s meant to do.

5. Less Poop to Scoop

With no fillers there is less waste, and that means good news for you! Stools from dogs on a raw-fed diet are also firmer with less odour, meaning a much-better poo pickup for you and a better bowel movement for your dog.

6. Proper Digestion

Gas be gone! No difficult-to-digest
carbohydrates, starches and fillers means no buildup of gases or digestive discomfort for your dog. Chewing on a raw meaty bone also gives your dog’s stomach important time to stimulate their digestive acids and enzymes.

7. No Doggy Odour

What goes in impacts what comes out, and
that includes odours from the body, breath and back end. Enjoy fresher breath and less “doggy” odour and be surprised to learn that there truly is no “gassy” breed.

8. Weight Management

We’ve seen it and science says it: a species-specific raw diet can help with weight loss and management. Whether you’re looking to trim some tubbiness or maintain a healthy weight over your dog’s lifespan, this is the way to do it and reduce potential medical issues and complications due to hauling around too much heft.

9. Improved Energy

A raw diet provides positive energy balanced throughout the day. By eliminating the carb-based energy bursts from processed diets, you also eliminate the crashes that come after.
A consistent day is a better day, for both you and your dog.

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